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official DaVinci masterpiece contractor

At Custom Roofing we are extremely proud to partner with DaVinci Roofscapes as the only official DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor (DMC) on Vancouver Island. If you want to find out why you benefit from having Custom Roofing install your new DaVinci Roofscapes polymer shake or slate roof, or if you are interested in hearing what makes DaVinci Roofscapes such a great company and product please read on.


Why Custom Roofing?

As Vancouver Island’s only official DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor (DMC) we are able to offer:

  • non-prorated warranty periods on materials and labour exclusively available through a DMC
  • rebates on purchased materials exclusively available through a DMC
  • a wealth of technical knowledge regarding the products
  • a direct relationship to DaVinci Roofscapes and the actual people who make up this great company
  • qualified installers who have travelled to the DaVinci Roofscapes plant in Lenexa, Kansas to receive in person education and training from DaVinici Roofscapes personnel regarding the products and installation requirements
  • a pride, passion, and enthusiasm for promoting, providing, and installing this amazing product!

Why DaVinci Roofscapes?

As the leading manufacturer in engineered roofing products DaVinci Roofscapes offers you:

  • a 50 year warranty that covers material and labour
  • a 70+ year product life expectancy
  • a virtually maintenance free roof system into which moss, algae, and lichen cannot sink roots
  • lasting beauty with colour saturation and UV stabilizers
  • unmatched customer service and technical support
  • pre-collated bundles to cancel out any need for on-site mixing or sorting of pieces
  • a 177 kmh (110 mph) wind warranty
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Class 4 Impact Resistance
  • a 100% recyclable roof
  • water catchment systems potential
  • budget options between the multi-width, single-width, and Bellaforte products
  • a pride, passion, and enthusiasm for producing this amazing product!

Observation & Endorsement

DaVinci Roofscapes is a company that has committed itself to the highest level of product engineering, customer support, and all around quality assurance. Although they do not share the same slogan as our company, in all of our dealings with this company and their products we have witnessed the same pursuit of “excellence and integrity in every detail”.

In our opinion, developed from years of working with various roofing product manufacturing companies, they are not just doing a good job of being competitive in this very diverse competitive market – they have set themselves apart and are leading the way in virtually every facet of their industry. The high performance, durability, beautiful appearance, and minimal maintenance qualities of their product are far beyond any other product of its kind. From our perspective the technical support, customer service, and warranty integrity they provide is unsurpassed by any other manufacturer.

With resolved determination to guarantee that every polymer tile and shake they distribute meets their exceedingly high standards, an outstanding level of quality control is maintained within their factory at all times. To ensure these standards are maintained and not wanting to risk receiving shipments of polymer pellets that don’t meet their high standards, every polymer pellet that will be melted into a molten polymer and blended with specific color dyes and UV stabilizers, is first manufactured from raw resins in their own factory by their own high-tech equipment, manned by their own trained personnel. They have a certified chemist who specializes in polymer blend technology, who works full-time in a lab at their factory. He is constantly testing the products and developing ways to improve upon them. This is a testament to the fact they are not content to just make a great product, but they are continually exploring ways to make it even better. Before getting packaged into a bundle, every shake and tile is inspected by their staff as the pieces slowly make their way down a conveyer belt. If any imperfection is found, which they rarely are, the piece is removed and remedied or recycled. Without saying anymore, we’ll simply summarize by saying DaVinci Roofscapes is leading the way in manufacturing the highest quality of polymer shake and slate roofing products on the market.

If you would like to learn more about 3rd party testing done on their products, please check out these documents:

3rd Party Testing Bellaforte3rd Party Testing Slate Shake

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