Vision / Values

We seek to fulfill our slogan by providing “excellence and integrity in every detail” of what we do. In the products we offer, the way we communicate, how we complete projects, how we handle profits, and in everything between we pursue to demonstrate the above stated values of “excellence and integrity”.


Our Story

We were established in 2005 by our current owner and president, Caleb Friesen. At that point of his life Caleb had been involved in the roofing industry for just over 10 years. Since then Custom Roofing has built strong ongoing relationships with homeowners, developers, commercial property owners, strata councils, and suppliers and maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) through living out our values of “excellence and integrity”.

As our company has continued to succeed over the years we have been privileged to be able to give back into our local community and abroad. This is actually a big part of why we do what we do, and is something we look forward to continuing to do for years to come. As a company we always want to be one of the leaders in our field and our community. We want to lead the way and inspire others in benefitting people and the environment both near and far through the quality of products we provide, the way we complete projects and minimize waste, and how and where we give back.