Project Description

Client: Homeowners
Location: 2066 Marne St. – Victoria, BC
Year Completed: 2011
Roof Size: 7,500 sq. ft.
Roof Pitch: 8/12 & 14/12
Material: 12” wide 24 gauge Traditional 1.5” Standing Seam Metal
Colour: Weathered Zinc


On this custom home that overlooks Gonzales Bay our client was seeking a high performance roof that could handle any storm that would inevitably come blowing in from the ocean. They were keen on the idea of a metal roof, but didn’t like the appearance of the common “stiffener” bends on standing seam metal roofs. With that in mind we sourced custom-made standing seam panels that were completely flat across the width of each panel. In order to minimize any extra “canning” in the metal we kept the panels at a narrow 12” wide and made sure to have them made with 24 gauge metal – not 26 gauge. Another factor to be considered was the high level of salt in the air that comes with a waterfront property. With the potential for excessive corrosion created by so much salt in the air, we recommended a panel with a Kynar 500 paint finish on it. The beautiful colour choice they made was the Weathered Zinc. All of these considerations, along with a cable we installed 2” above all the ridges to keep the seagulls off the roof, has resulted in a clean aesthetically appealing roof that will continue to compliment this contemporary custom home for many years to come.