Project Description

Client: Church
Location: 626 Blanshard St. – Victoria, BC
Year Completed: 2010
Roof Size: 500 sq. ft.
Roof Pitch: 12/12
Material: #1 Perfection Cedar Shingles
Colour: Natural Cedar


As a heritage building in downtown Victoria this church was committed to maintaining the look of traditional cedar shingles that had always been on the entrance to their main sanctuary. With many custom cuts and decorative details required they were very selective regarding who they would hire to do the work. Always interested in doing unique projects, we were very excited when we discovered that we were the company chosen to complete the job. In an attempt to provide the best cedar shakes possible we sourced the material from a mill we had previously received quality cedar products from rather than just picking up whatever any supplier in town might have. With the flared out decorative gable ridge details each piece had to be precisely cut and slightly bent to create the clean flared appearance that was desired. On the rounded awning roof that overhangs above the front door each cedar shingle had to be pre-formed and tediously fastened to protect them from cracking during or after their installation. Finally the decorative cross at the peak of the front gable detail, which we needed to remove in order to complete the work was re-mounted and protected at the base with a custom flashing we fabricated from flat-stock sheet metal right on site. The end result was a small portion of custom cedar roofing that we are proud to have done and that is maintaining the heritage appearance of this landmark building.