Project Description

Client: Homeowner
Location: 1393 Rockland Ave. – Victoria, BC
Year Completed: 2014
Roof Size: 4,000 sq. ft.
Roof Pitch: 12/12
Material: Malarkey Highlander AR
Colour: Weathered Wood


Re-roofing this large classic Victorian Tudor house located next door to the Lieutenant Governor General’s house on Rockland was quite the task. With needing to remove three layers of previous roofs that had been installed on the house, the gutters being almost 30’ off the ground, the exterior having been freshly painted less than a year before we came to replace the roof, and all four sides of the house having gardens, decks, a neighbour’s driveway, or a narrow private road right below the roof, thoughtful strategy, planning, and coordination was essential. When that much roofing material is coming off any roof – not even ones this high or steep with all the cautionary requirements below – much care is needed to insure that the property still looks good when the job is done. When all was completed on this project our client was extremely grateful for the new roof, but especially for the care they saw displayed by our crew to guarantee protection of the property, safety for anyone using the neighbour’s driveway or the private road, and timely coordination with the neighbours. With algae resistant copper granules mixed into the composition of the shingles, high profile caps on the ridges and hips, and one of Malarkey Roofing Products’ classiest colour options to compliment the newly painted exterior, along with unharmed gardens, this beautiful old home was left looking vibrant and renewed.