On every residential project, we make decisions with the following question in mind “if this were my home, how would I want things done?” We expect this to be noticed in every detail of the job. With the way we protect the property, by the final touches on the roof and clean-up, and with informative / respectful communication throughout, we aspire to help you feel completely at ease with the project before, during, and after its completion. Also, if you are unsure what material would best meet your project needs we are always happy to provide the necessary information and resources to help in the decision making process.



At Custom Roofing we recognize the significant investment that commercial properties are. We also recognize that they are intended to help support various endeavors, and are meant to be an integral part in producing revenue – not depleting it. With that in mind, we try to complete commercial projects with minimal disturbance to the regular operations at a property, and help our clients find what roof system will best serve them long term and require as little maintenance as possible,. Permanent solutions are what we aim to provide – not products that will require replacement every 15-20 years.


Although there are many companies who advertise themselves as re-roofing specialists, we would like to say that not all “re-roofing specialists” are equal. When completing a re-roof project we do not just roof over old compromised roof decks – we will let you know if it requires re-sheeting. We will inform you on what is required to produce sufficient attic ventilation. We do not re-use old flashings or other accessories whenever it can be avoided. When installing a brand new roof that is expected to last for decades to come, it doesn’t make sense to re-use those items. Whether it be the choice of underlayment, type of fasteners, roof vents, or other accessories required, we ensure that products which will outlast the expected lifetime of your chosen roofing material are installed to guarantee you a roof system that lasts.


New Construction

When investing into building a new home or commercial property excellence and integrity are of paramount importance. A roof is the main source of protection for every bit of investment contained inside that new building. We pride ourselves in the knowledge and ability we can provide a homeowner or developer to guarantee that protection for years to come along with lasting beauty in a roof system that will greatly enhance and compliment the overall appearance of any project. We would love to help you be informed about what materials are available and would best suit your project needs.


If a leak or any other type of problem develops on your roof, but for the most part the roof still has life in it, a repair might be the more sensible thing to do versus re-roofing. With extensive accumulated knowledge and experience and a proven track record, our team is highly confident in our ability to solve any problem you may have encountered with your roof. When doing repairs, we always seek to provide the solution that will last the duration of the roof’s remaining life.

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Consultations & Inspection Reports

Whether you simply want some advice to assess when you should be re-roofing, you want to find out what type of options you have, or you need an inspection report provided for a strata or an insurance company, we can help. With our professional knowledge and experience with almost every type of roofing material, our team is confident that we will be able to provide you with the information and expert opinion you need.

Maintenance & Moss Removal

Regular maintenance and moss control will increase the life and help maintain the beauty of any roof. Granted there are materials that require less maintenance than others, most roofing materials greatly benefit from regular cleaning and various maintenance practices. If your roof is in need of moss removal we are very confident in our proven methods of moss removal and moss control that will maintain the longevity of your roof and minimize any potential damages to the existing roof that can be incurred by less thoughtful practices. Whatever your maintenance needs may be, we will help you distinguish between what is purely aesthetic, what will simply improve the performance of your roof system, and what is absolutely essential to prolong the life of your roof.

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