Project Description

Client: Commercial Property Owner
Location: 3934 Quadra St. – Saanich, BC
Year Completed: 2014
Roof Size: 57,500 sq. ft.
Roof Pitch: Flat
Material: Iko Polyisocyanurate Insulation & 2 Ply SBS Torch-on Membrane System
Colour: Brown


This warehouse building had a tar & gravel roof system on it that had definitely seen better days prior to when we were called in to inspect it. With old 2” thick fiberglass insulation that had gotten wet due to some previous roof leaks, multiple roofing contractors had bid on this job suggesting to simply roof over the existing roof. This suggestion would have been made due to the fact that the removal of this insulation stirs up excessive amounts of fiberglass in the air, which inevitably causes significant irritation to all working near it, and that the water that had saturated into it would need to be thoroughly dried up prior to installing the new vapour barrier to steel roof deck. For this less than ideal method of installing a new roof just the difference between the lowest quote to the highest one had been almost $375,000.00. At approximately $30,000.00 more than the lowest quote that had been submitted to simply roof over the old membrane, we came in and effectively removed the entire old roof system, insulation, and vapour barrier, and installed new vapour barrier, insulation, and a 2 ply SBS torch-on roof membrane, along with a much needed significantly increased drainage system. With multiple businesses operating out of this facility and many valuable assets within, the owners now rest assured that their clients within are protected from the elements and their investment in this property is far more secure.